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Human-Cannabis I: Sonnet 27
5120x800 4-Channel Video, 15 min, 2013

Human-Cannabis I: Sonnet 27 Trailer

"Sonnet 27" is inspired by the scientific research of endocannabinoids, a group of chemicals produced in animal brains similar to the effect of cannabis. They bind to receptors responsible for some of the crucial cognitive functions, including our ability to learn, to control emotions and to mitigate traumatic memories.


The video installation hints on the prehistorical contact between human and cannabis. A young neolithic child seems to appear in dreams or in trance. His images remain elusive throughout. After the opening scene of prehistoric paintings, the campfire and smoke are followed by dramatic landscape sequence. The shifting scenes and the dynamics of the footage create impressions of distant memories or altered stream of consciousness.


The film is produced and presented in 5120x800 resolution. Four projectors are seamlessly blended to create one super panoramic video. It features powerful microscopic imaging of real neurons captured at the Electron Microscopy Center at Indiana University.


Original music by Melody Eötvös.

Neuro Imaging captured by Alex Straiker and Jim Powers

Cave Painting by Ian Kime and Heidi Wieland

Child performed by Owyn Smith

Cave Painter performed by Ian Kime


Related project: Human-Cannabis II, ASA (2019)


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