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Human-Cannabis II: ASA
UHD, 15 min, 2020

Human-Cannabis II: ASA, 4K Trailer

Inspired by the ancient worship of hemp in Japan, ASA (the Japanese pronunciation of hemp) is a memorial of the plant's cultural heritage, enduring spiritual connections and untold histories.



"Shinrabansyo" by Amano Sen

"Awaken from A Dream" (Original) by Steven Wayne Thomas

"Uncharted Destiny" (Original) by Steven Wayne Thomas


Related project: Human-Cannabis I, Sonnet 27 (2013)

Director Statement

My daughter passed away from leukemia when she was 4. We are keenly aware of the blind spots of Western medicine. During our research of alternative treatment, the potential of cannabis surfaced over and over again. We were not sure of its real medical value, but was aggravated to learn any meaningful research was prohibited by law. Cannabis regulation in the U.S. has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. The impetus for me to work on this topic, however, is more than about promoting an unobstructed understanding of this plant. The scientific information got me started. It was the mystery that kept me going. For me, cannabis is a word I use to tell a story of illusion and reality; and to express my own faith and quandary.


In my unexpected adventure of cannabis study, I have met scientists and researchers; priests and worshipers; farmers and craftsmen; entrepreneurs and consumers. They were usually baffled by my inquiry at first, but understood my intention immediately. They also wanted me to tell their stories and were eager to learn more. The film series, Human-Cannabis, is partly their voice and partly mine. They could be yours if you find the metaphors fitting or familiar in your own journey.

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